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I have worked with "Coach" Corey since 2006 when I was a 36 index and just learning this crazy game. With his help I quickly moved to 18 holers and a golf junky. I have continued with lessons for 11 years...a "tune-up" as I call it now.

- Shelley Burnett, Read Full Testimonial

I have been taking classed from Corey for several years and have found his demeanor and approach to be very calming and positive. Learning golf mechanics and golf IQ is not easy, but Corey seems to teach it comfortably.

- Anthony E. Pizzutillo, Read Full Testimonial

I have taken Corey's winter golf clinic for the past several years, have taken private lessons and highly recommend Corey as a golf professional. He is very knowledgeable and utilizes video technology to show proper form and diagnose swing flaws.

- Ron Harbist, Read Full Testimonial

In coping with an injury, I developed some very bad habits and lost my natural swing. Corey did a great job in identifying and correcting it.

- Cheryl, Read Full Testimonial

Corey is an outstanding teacher...thanks to his instructions have cut 10 strokes off my score...from the low 100s ..now low 90s..

- Marc D., Read Full Testimonial

I took 8 half hour lessons from Corey over the winter last year. We worked on my short and middle iron play.

- Karl Gontkof, Read Full Testimonial

I am a fan of both the Pennington Golf Center and Corey L. Krusa's Golf Academy! I've been a golf fan and played golf since 1968.

- Preston L. Henderson, Read Full Testimonial

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15 December, 2020

Hello all,

I hope you’re all enjoying and celebrating the holidays as best as we can! As for the Krusa family, we are all healthy and happy, but it was a very different Thanksgiving, as I’m sure all of yours was too.

So after many

NEW TECHNOLOGY--Blast Motion Golf has arrived at Pennington Golf Center

1 March, 2017

NEW TECHNOLOGY--Blast Motion Golf has arrived at Pennington Golf Center

Check out this video! for more information about Blast Motion Golf