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In coping with an injury, I developed some very bad habits and lost my natural swing. Corey did a great job in identifying and correcting it. By taking lessons in the winter, it wasn't as hard to begin playing in the spring because not too much rust had accumulated over the long break. He was always professional, but he never seemed condescending which pros can sometimes be with mediocre players. Corey was a pleasure and his instruction helped me lessen the extreme frustration I had felt before starting our lessons.

My scores improved by at least 12 strokes a round and this generated a lot of questions as to why I had improved. It was always my pleasure to recommend playing partners to seek Corey's advice.

- Cheryl

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2022 Winter Golf  Program is open for registration

1 November, 2021

2022 Winter Golf Program is open for registration

15 December, 2020

Hello all,

I hope you’re all enjoying and celebrating the holidays as best as we can! As for the Krusa family, we are all healthy and happy, but it was a very different Thanksgiving, as I’m sure all of yours was too.

So after many