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I have worked with "Coach" Corey since 2006 when I was a 36 index and just learning this crazy game. With his help I quickly moved to 18 holers and a golf junky. I have continued with lessons for 11 years...a "tune-up" as I call it now. He can watch me swing 10 times and say okay here we go. Coach doesn't try to change everything but work with what the student comes in with and work from there. We set goals each season and its a thrill when I can stop by and tell him about an awesome round or a tournament win. I credit my improvement and love for golf to Coach Corey. Can't wait for season 2017!!

- Shelley Burnett

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2022 Winter Golf  Program is Closed for registration

1 November, 2021

2022 Winter Golf Program is Closed for registration

15 December, 2020

Hello all,

I hope you’re all enjoying and celebrating the holidays as best as we can! As for the Krusa family, we are all healthy and happy, but it was a very different Thanksgiving, as I’m sure all of yours was too.

So after many